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Electrolyte Boost® with Cognizin® - 14 Pack

Electrolyte Boost® with Cognizin® - 14 Pack

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If you want next level performance, you need more than just water. Electrolyte Boost® is precision formulated to balance fluids in and outside your body’s cells in ways water alone can’t. Why feel bloated when you can feel your best?

  • Keep your body burning energy
  • Feel less pooped, without having to pee
  • Boost mood & feel energized
  • Minimize those tired feelings
  • Now with Cognizin®, for focus and attention support

Each box of Electrolyte Boost® contains 14 great tasting, easy to use 4.5g packets that you can take anywhere. Just tear open, pour in your mouth, enjoy the taste and go full boost mode.