The Science of Electrolytes

Electrolyte Boosting Starter Guide

Electrolytes are minerals and substances that naturally have a positive or negative charge when dissolved in water. This property means your body can use electrolytes to conduct electric charges in your body, which is how your body contracts muscles, regulates liquid inside and outside cells, and carries out the various chemical reactions cells need to do.

If you like moving, breathing, having your heart beat, staying alive and feeling alert, thank electrolytes. Electrolytes help your body hold onto water to stay hydrated, use your muscles, and carry out almost every function your cells do to survive.

Electrolyte Boost is a small package of concentrated electrolytes. It fits right in your pocket and does not require water to take. Feeling low energy, tired, or just kind of out of it? Electrolyte Boost can offer a quick pick-me-up by helping you to balance your electrolyte levels.

This is an answer that will vary for everyone. The answer depends on personal physiology, water intake levels, existing electrolyte levels, physical activity, weight, etc. Most people are fine with just one. Try one first and see how you feel.

Electrolytes help your body’s cells absorb water, increasing hydration. More water in cells, less water pulled by your kidneys and sent to your bladder, less trips to the bathroom, more time doing something else, anything else.