Electrolyte Boost with Cognizin - 14 Pack

  • $24.99

If you want next level performance, you need more than just water. Electrolyte Boost is precision formulated to balance fluids in and outside your body’s cells in ways water alone can’t. Why feel bloated when you can feel your best?

  • Keep your body burning energy
  • Feel less pooped, without having to pee
  • Boost mood & feel energized
  • Decrease pee breaks without dehydration
  • Minimize those tired feelings
  • Now with Cognizin, for focus and attention support

Each box of Electrolyte Boost contains 14 great tasting, easy to use 4.5g packets that you can take anywhere. Just tear open, pour in your mouth, enjoy the taste and go full boost mode.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Awesome Product

I was adamant about having a drink of some rehydrating beverage after my evening workout. This would make me full and have to go to the bathroom several times a day. This product is a game changer!! The powder tastes good and it does the job immediately! Proven when i was introduced to the product in Phoenix when i had a dehydration headache. I've already ordered more and i will let others know about it at the 7on7 elite tournament in Houston! Awesome!

Fabienne Lecole
Best Powder and Game Changer

From skeptical to completely obsessed by this Electrolyte Boost. I tried them all and this one is not only more efficient, it has a delicious flavor and most important you don’t need to stop for water and then stop for bathroom. This is the best discovery and I never leave home without one bag (at least!) on me. I feel energized, focussed, healthy and very ready for action. I simply love it and highly recommend it. Finally a simple product that does work! Let’s BOOST

Lisa I
It works!!

At first, I was hesitant about trying this for two reasons… There was no water, so I was worried about taste and number two I was worried about sodium because other products like liquid IV has so much sodium I wind up looking like a balloon! Not with BOOST!! Not only did I feel hydrated throughout my event, but the next morning, I did not have a hangover and at no time did my body bloat up because this product has like zero sodium. Tastes great kind of like a pixie stick!

This is a game changer!

As an athlete, staying hydrated is vital to performing at your best. I've tried countless products over the years but Electrolyte Boost is truly unique. By eliminating the need to mix in water these packets are a game changer. I get all the performance benefits without the need to constantly drink water and go to the bathroom. They taste great and are the perfect size for travel. Check it out for yourself!

It works!

Love the flavor, love the convenience, love the boost that I get. Thankful that I found it….I never leave home without taking a packet or two with me….so easy.