Low Electrolyte Symptoms

Hey, are you feeling ok? Maybe a tad tired, even though you’ve slept? Or perhaps you’re a bit dizzy or nauseous, have a touch of brain fog or a headache? Did you just say your muscles are cramping? I’m not a doctor (much to the disappointment of my parents) but I can tell you that all of these can be symptoms of low electrolytes.

Even if you’re the kind of person who takes care of themself — eats right, drink plenty of fluids and exercises — your electrolyte levels can be low and the impact on your well being can be from annoying to severe. Letting it get out of hand can even cause irregular heartbeat and seizures. Even if you’ve been watching your diet, hitting the gym and never skipping cardio this can be especially disappointing. It’s important to keep these symptoms in mind as they can be a warning sign. Fortunately, there is something you can do to help keep your electrolyte levels in the good zone — and no, you don’t need to buy an even bigger water bottle.

Using Electrolyte Boost, with or without water, can help to keep your electrolyte levels balanced  so that you can keep doing and feeling your best. Electrolyte Boost is easy to bring with you everywhere and even tastes great. So, is it time for you to go Boost Mode?